SalesForce Consulting

     Location : San Diego,              CA,  Marketing Startup

What was the problem?

A marketing startup was focused on setting up sales meetings and appointments for their clients. Their data was scattered in excels, emails and paper notes of different employees. There was no efficient way to provide a 360 degree view of the lead to their client. There was no ea-sy way to provide actionable reports to their clients. 

What we did... 

We helped the startup to quickly re-engineer their processes and define an optimized sales process. We did a FitGap analysis of their requirements against different CRM tools. We demonstrated the ROI that can be achieved by moving over to SalesForce platform. We rapidly customized SalesForce cloud and established their re-engineered processes and migrated all of their existing data in the Sales cloud to give them a head start.  

What it achieved? 

Improved business process with Central repository for clients and sales data. Supervisors and team members can easily track the lead generation process and create reports for internal use and also for their clients. Enabled their existing staff to support more clients leading to a growth  of 70% in a year.

SalesForce Analytics

     Location : Detroit, MI

     Non Profit

What was the problem?

Our client, a non profit was looking to raise grants and wanted help to identify, analyze , clean and present data effectively.

  • Their existing data was in different legacy systems, emails, text files, excels and access databases.
  • There was no single repository for all the data
  • There was no unified dashboard to get a 360 view of the data
  • It required a team of employees and volunteers at the end of each quarter to assimilate data, clean it and create reports

What we did... 

We transformed their data storage & reporting process.

  • We educated the staff and executives on the value proposition of SalesForce
  • Provisioned the non profit SalesForce instance and setup their accounts
  • Created automated data integration pipeline in SalesForce to assimilate data from different systems into one single repository
  • Created dashboards in SalesForce that showed data in real time with weekly, monthly and quarterly customized reports

What it achieved? 

Higher funding with minimal operational cost

  • Exceeded the funding goal by 70%
  • Reduced operation costs by 90%
  • Increased visibility of the programs to Sponsors

SalesForce Custom Dev

    Location : Chicago, IL

    Retail Store

What was the problem?

Needed help to run all of their business operations from inventory management to order processing.

  • They were having issues maintaining their legacy .Net application. It was not flexible and involved a big team to keep it operational.
  • The client was using QuickBooks for their accounting and needed to integrate with their order processing system.
  • They wanted integration with their ecommerce storefront.
  • The executives wanted dynamic sales reports with the capability of filtering.

What we did... 

Automated business processes from warehousing to purchasing using as a platform.

  • Replaced their legacy system with SalesForce Custom Application
  • Integrated QuickBooks and SalesForce to get an integrated view for team members
  • Integrated ecommerce data from their storefront with SalesForce
  • Used workflows to generate timely alerts and notifications
    Integrated with a payment gateway for credit card processing

What it achieved? 

Significant cost savings and agility.

  • Decreased IT expenditure and development times
  • Greater efficiency and reduced administration time and cost
  • Automated real time alerts leading to increased timeliness and synchronization among teams